If you experience any issues reading codes ensure you follow the ignition cycle prompt in the app before reading codes

  1. Start your ignition and plug in the scan tool
  2. Start the app and connect
  3. Tap on Read Codes
  4. Turn off the ignition
  5. Turn the ignition back on

If you are unable to clear your codes following a repair

  1. Turn your key to the 'run' position (one click beyond accessory, right before engaging the starter). When in 'run' your battery light on the dash will be illuminated and you will be able to turn on your cabin fans.
    See this article for more information on Run mode
  2. Plug in your BlueDriver
  3. Start the app and connect
  4. Tap 'Clear Codes'

    Note: some models of BMW may also require the driver's side door be open to be able to clear codes