When you plug in your BlueDriver you may see your LED do one of four things:


  1. Solid Blue

    A solid blue light appears when you plug in your BlueDriver and means that the device is starting up and preparing to communicate with your vehicle.
  2. Flashing Blue

    A flashing blue light means that your BlueDriver is communicating with your phone or tablet. After a short period the light will stop flashing blue so it isn't distracting for people logging live data as they drive.
  3. Flashing Red

    A flashing red light means your BlueDriver is fully powered up and communicating with your vehicle, but isn't connected to the app on your phone.
    Generally you will see a flashing red light if:
    - Your phone or tablet's bluetooth is disabled
    - Your BlueDriver has not yet been paired through your mobile device's bluetooth settings
    - On some Android devices you may need to tap the 'connect' button on the Scan Tool tab
  4. Solid Red

    If a firmware update is interrupted your BlueDriver will go in to recovery mode, when this happens the LED will turn solid red as soon as you plug it in and you will not be able to connect normally when the app launches.
    Click here for instructions on recovering your firmware after an interrupted update!