If you run in to any trouble on your iPhone or iPad the following steps should get you up and running again:

 1) Ignition

Confirm that your engine is on or the ignition is in the 'running' position. 

If reading codes with the engine off please refer to this article


2) Bluetooth

Check your bluetooth settings and ensure that bluetooth is on and your BlueDriver is paired


3) iOS Version

If you have a version of iOS between 9.3.1 and 9.3.4 or 11.0 and 11.1.2 you may be experiencing an iOS bluetooth issue which can be resolved by updating to iOS 11.2 or newer.


4) Multiple Paired Devices

Ensure there are no other paired phones or tablets in range with their bluetooth on (they may try to connect automatically)


5) Restart

Restart your iPhone or iPad by pressing and holding home + power until it shuts off and then turns back on. 

For iPhone X/Xs/Xr:

  1. Press and release volume up
  2. Press and release volume down
  3. Press and hold side button until your phone restarts


6) Re-Pair

Forget and then pair your BlueDriver

  1. Go to your device's Bluetooth settings page
  2. Tap the options button next to your paired BlueDriver ( i )

  3. Select "Forget This Device"

  4. Pair your BlueDriver again

7) Power

Remove your BlueDriver and then plug it in again, watch for the solid blue light . If no light comes on when you plug it in there could be an issue with a fuse on the vehicle (often shared with the cigarette lighter). If you contact support they will be happy to help hunt down the offending fuse!

If the above steps don't help you can contact support any time through the app (More tab, Contact Us) or by creating a support ticket on this page.