P1000 is a special code found on Fords and some Ford subsidiary vehicles (Volvo, Jaguar, etc), if you read this code with your BlueDriver it is not indicative of a problem with your vehicle and shouldn't be a cause for concern.

A P1000 means that your vehicle's emissions monitors (or smog checks) areĀ not completeĀ - either because the battery has been recently disconnected or codes have been cleared with a scan tool. This code is meant to let you know that your vehicle isn't ready for a smog check yet, and will need to be driven under various conditions so the engine computer can determine whether each test has passed or failed.

Two important notes:

  1. If you do read a P1000 on your car you should not clear your codes in an attempt to remove it as each 'clear codes' command will reset all smog checks, extending how long the P1000 will stay active.
  2. A P1000 is not a problem and no repairs should be performed. There is one exception - if P1000 keeps reappearing without disconnecting your battery or clearing codes this may be indicative of an electrical or wiring issue causing the ECM to lose all power when the engine is off.