Inspection Monitors

As you drive, your vehicle continuously monitors its systems to identify potential issues developing with its emissions control equipment. 

When you take your vehicle in for an emissions test the inspection station will connect an OBDII scan tool and read the results of these vehicle self-checks  (also called inspection monitors or readiness monitors).

The smog check feature in the BlueDriver app displays the same test results as those read by inspection stations to help you determine whether your vehicle will pass its scheduled checks.


BlueDriver will show the test results as reported by the vehicle, but can not guarantee that a vehicle will pass or fail its inspection. The specific regulations for a pass/fail will vary by your local jurisdiction/county - for example, some regions may permit one 'incomplete' test, while others will require all be complete and passed to issue a sticker.

Additionally, if your region employs emissions sampling (tailpipe sniffing) this can not be assessed in advance using a scan tool.

Test Results

Complete Tests

A test listed as Complete means that the vehicle has gathered sufficient data to confirm that the relevant system is working properly.

Not Applicable

The list of tests or monitors is standard and used for all vehicles on the road from 1996+

As a result, not all tests apply to all vehicles, for example a variable timing test would not apply to an early 90s model that does not employ variable timing strategies.

Any test listed as Not Applicable means the vehicle has reported that this test is not used and can be ignored.

Not Complete

If a test is listed as Not Complete this can mean one of two things:

  1. Codes have been cleared recently, or the battery has been disconnected which resets all self checks

    If this is the case you will need to complete a Drive Cycle in order for the test status to update to Complete

    Note: It is not possible to clear engine codes without resetting the vehicle self test results

  2. There is an issue with the vehicle that is preventing the test from completing

    If your check engine light is on, or you have pending/confirmed engine codes it may not be possible for all emissions tests to complete until the cause of the code has been addressed

Unfortunately the standard OBDII smog check command is not able to distinguish between a test that is incomplete because it is in fact not complete, or a test that is incomplete because it has failed.

If your tests are not completing and you have no pending or confirmed engine codes see the Drive Cycle article for general tips on completing your self tests.