Firmware is the "program" running on your BlueDriver hardware and controls how the BlueDriver scan tool communicates with your vehicle as well as the phone/app.

Updating the firmware allows for the addition of new features and lets us address issues or improve performance over time. 

To update your device firmware:

  1. Start the BlueDriver app

  2. Select the More tab

  3. Tap on Update Sensor

  4. Tap Check for Updates

  5. The app will connect to the internet and check whether a newer version of the BlueDriver firmware is available.
    If an update is available tap on Update Sensor

  6. The update will begin and take roughly 2-5 minutes depending on your phone/tablet
    Once the update is complete the app will reconnect automatically - if it does not you can close the app and then re-open it (iOS), or tap 'connect' in the top/right corner of the Scan Tool page (Android)

If you run in to any trouble, first restart your phone and attempt the update again (ignoring any connection errors when first starting the app). If you are still unable to update your firmware you can contact Support through the app by going to "More", "Contact Us", and "Email".