Newer BMW's (2015+)

If you are experiencing connection issues on a newer (2015+) BMW it's possible you may need to place the vehicle in diagnosis mode. To enter diagnosis mode:

  1. Start the ignition by pressing the 'start' button with your foot off the brake
  2. Press the 'start/stop' button on the dash three times quickly
    All three button presses must be completed in less than 0.8 seconds
  3. You should now see "Diagnostic Mode Active" displayed on your multifunction display
  4. Plug in the BlueDriver and connect normally

Late 1990's and Early 2000's Models

Some early OBDII BMW models have a secondary diagnostic port in the engine bay. The protective cap over this connector has metal contacts which connect a number of pins inside the diagnostic port when it is installed - if the cap is missing or loose these pins will not be connected and the OBDII port inside the vehicle may not function.

First check your engine bay for a round diagnostic port - if it is present, remove the cap and check for corrosion or damage to the pins and the metal contacts on the underside of the cap.

Screw the diagnostic port cap on tightly, ensuring good contact between the pins and metal contacts inside the cap and then plug your BlueDriver in to the OBDII port and attempt to connect again.