Optional Installation Video

App Installation 

  1. Open the "App Store" app
  2. Search for "BlueDriver"
  3. Tap "Get"


Pairing your BlueDriver

  1. Start you ignition
  2. Plug in your BlueDriver
  3. Wait for the solid blue light to go out
    Note: From this point on you have 60 seconds to pair your BlueDriver, if more than a minute passes you can trigger pairing mode by removing it and plugging it back in again.
  4. Go to your device's bluetooth settings menu

  5. Once BlueDriver appears in the list tap on it to pair

  6. Start the app, and get diagnosing!

    If at any time you run in to trouble you can remove the BlueDriver, plug it in and try to pair again - if it doesn't help please contact us and let us know what you experienced and on which step and we'll get you up and running ASAP!