What does "Not Complete" mean?

Last Updated: Sep 26, 2018 09:41AM NDT
As you drive, your vehicle continuously monitors its systems to identify potential issues developing with your emissions control equipment. The smog check feature displays the results of these emissions self-checks (also called inspection monitors or readiness monitors). 

When you clear your codes or disconnect your battery it resets all vehicle self-tests, the vehicle's computer must then gather enough data under different driving conditions to determine whether each test has passed or failed. When the vehicle hasn't yet determined the results of a test it will be displayed as "Not Complete" until the results are in.

Your vehicle gathers test data through a process called a "drive cycle" - different tests will have different drive cycles and typically they will be specific to your make/model of vehicle. Some basic steps you can take to get through your drive cycles include:
  • Idle your vehicle in the driveway and allow it to get up to operating temperature
  • Drive your vehicle around town in stop and go traffic
  • Drive on the highway at different speeds, holding your speed as steady as possible for extended periods (at least a few minutes)


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